Overview                 How it Works                      Terms and Conditions

Get your message delivered to the Brown community of over 8500 students and 6000 staff & faculty members through BSA’s television billboards. Your ad will run alongside student group & departmental announcements, screening for 30 seconds per 5 minute cycle.

Guidelines to Adhere to

Please carefully review the below. Slides may be rejected if they do not adhere the guidelines.

BSA has final say on all advertisements and may reject any advertisements for any reason.

Formatting Guidelines:

  • Businesses may submit at most TWO slides per week
  • Slides must have at least 32pt font.
  • No audio, video, or slide transitions.
  • Slides must be formatted to a 16:9 display ratio.
  • Images can be submitted in lieu of PowerPoint slides. Images must be submitted as high resolution jpegs with suggested dimensions of 1280px by 720px.

Content Guidelines:

  • Must have correct spelling, grammar, and info
  • No unauthorized, copyrighted material
  • No graphic, violent, or sexually explicit content
  • No profane or derogatory language
  • No advertising of alcohol or events with alcohol
  • No delivery of political messages although slides may invite community members to attend a political event or seminar

Finally please ensure that all submissions must adhere to the Postering and Publicity Regulations

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