Credit Card Terminal Procedure

Overnight Storage Policy

  • The PIN pad and the credit card terminal need to be kept together at all times.
  • Each night, the terminal / PIN pad must be turned in to the safe located under the computer desk in the BSA office.
  • The key for the safe is: 88144
  • There will be a key-fob to the BSA office stored at the information desk with the cash box. Alternatively there is a lock-box with a key-fob adjacent to the office, and the passcode to the lock-box is 1969. 
  • This new policy goes into effect immediately, so start storing the terminal / PIN pad in the safe! 
  • Also- keep in mind that BSA is charged a smaller fee if our customers pay with debit as opposed to credit. So have the PIN pad out / visible and make sure our customers are aware that we accept debit!

Making a Sale

1.      Press Credit (#1)
2.     Press Sale (#1)
3.     Swipe Card (or can Input Numbers on wireless terminal)
4.     It will ask whether last four numbers match the card.  Answer accordingly.
5.     Check the inventory spreadsheet to determine how many previous credit card terminals there have been so far that day
6.     Enter the invoice # (use MM/DD/YY and the number sale for the day) e.g. if it were the fourth credit card sale on 03/05/13, you would enter 03051304
7.     Enter the sale amount
8.     Wait for it to process. You may have to confirm the amount again—if so press Yes (#4).
9.     The terminal will then print the merchant copy of the receipt
10.  Have the customer sign the receipt and place it in the labeled envelope in the cash box.
11.  The terminal will ask whether or not you want to print customer receipt (ask the customer)
12.  Press Yes (#4) or No in accordance with the customer’s wishes
13.  It will say “Transaction Approved”
14.  Press Clear to return to Main Menu


Recording a Sale

1.     For each sale made, record it in the Inventory Spreadsheet, following normal protocol.
2.    Make sure that you place the signed receipt in the envelope in the cash box



Refunds can only take place after a card has been charged i.e. after the batch of transactions the specific sale belonged to has been closed. 



1.     Press Credit (#1)
2.     Press More (#6)
3.     Press More (#6)
4.     Press Reprint (#1)
5.     IF IT WAS PREVIOUS TRANSACTION: Press Enter and skip to #8
6.     IF NOT: Enter Invoice # (Check Batch count online)
7.     Press Enter
8.     It will ask whether or not you want to print customer receipt
9.     Press Yes (#4)
10.  It will print
11.  Press Clear to return to Main Menu


End of Day Procedures

At the end of each day, make sure that you close the terminal before unplugging it either from the power outlet. Closing the terminal and completing the form below allows the money collected to be allocated correctly.

To close the terminal:

1.     Press Credit (#1)
2.     Press More (#6)
3.     Press Close (#3)
4.     It will ask if total is correct
5.     Press Yes (#4) (if total is correct)
6.     Wait for it to process
7.     It will say “Batch Close Complete”
8.     Then, it should print out a batch receipt containing all of the day’s purchases
9.     Once this has happened, press Clear to return to Main Menu

Once the batch receipt has been printed, bring it upstairs to Diane.

Unplug the terminal and its cords and return it to the safe in the office.


Confidentiality Agreement

Please note, credit card numbers, addresses, etc are considered PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and are covered by the Brown University PII Policy. Any University employee (including BSA staff) who violate this confidentiality policy are subject to internal and criminal sanctions, up to and including termination of employment.

Please go to for more information on the Brown PII policy.