Email Procedures

Most Important Rule: Never send emails to customers from personal accounts!

  1. Open email account at beginning of shift and check throughout the shift

  2. If there are new emails - classify them

    • "Report spam" if spam

    • Apply appropriate label otherwise, do not delete any e-mails.

      • If you aren't sure what label, mark as unread.

  3. Answer email if possible

    • If you are unsure how to answer something, mark as unread and feel free to inquire with or

    • If not a customer service issue and you can't answer it, forward issue to appropriate department, then archive.  


Examples of emails that should be answered:

Information requests (how do I order _____, when are BSA's hours, where is ________ located)


How to Answer Email:

  1. Address recipient appropriately (Dear, Hi, etc.)

  2. Write in a respectful tone

  3. Compose message using appropriate capitalization, sentence structure, and punctuation

  4. Signature email in this format:


Mr. Roboto ‘14
President of BSA



Brown Student Agencies
69 Brown St., Box 2001
Providence, RI 02912

(401) 863-2226



Forward emails based on type of issue:

New Business Requests

Executive Director: 

Brown Marketplace

Billboard Program/LCD Screens

Website Issues

Marketing Manager: