History and Mission


Our History

Brown Student Agencies was incorporated on January 29, 1969 as a Rhode Island non- business corporation. According to the Articles of Incorporation, the purpose was to:

Advance the education of the students at Brown University by affording opportunities for training and experience in administrative management,...[provide] students with additional opportunities to defray the expenses of their education and...inculcate in such students habits of work, thrift and self-reliance.

In 1995, Ludwig Schulze ’96.5 and the BSA advisory board approved a plan to bring BSA into the University itself as part of the Brown Bookstore. In 2006-2007, after a proposal drafted by BSA members, BSA moved from the Bookstore to the Student Activities Office. 

The proposal that shifted BSA to the SAO outlined a revised mission for the twenty-first century:

The Brown Student Agencies board could become a student resource for campus entrepreneurship efforts that could offer resources and services to support such efforts and advise and evaluate various programs ... [and] also become a venue for identifying services for students on campus and engaging student leadership in the development and management of contracts.

Our Mission

BSA is a specially-chartered student group that works in close collaboration with the Student Activities Office. As such, BSA offers a unique space in which student enterprise can occur without violating university policies or Brown's nonprofit status.

Our mission is three-fold:
       To provide business experience for Brown undergraduates
       To offer needed products and services to the University community
       To give back to Brown and greater Providence area

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