Credit Card Terminal: Overnight Storage Policy

  • The PIN pad and the credit card terminal need to be kept together at all times.
  • Each night, the terminal / PIN pad must be turned in to the safe located under the computer desk in the BSA office.
  • The key for the safe is: 88144
  • There will be a key-fob to the BSA office stored at the information desk with the cash box. Alternatively there is a lock-box with a key-fob adjacent to the office, and the passcode to the lock-box is 1969. 
  • This new policy goes into effect immediately, so start storing the terminal / PIN pad in the safe! 
  • Also- keep in mind that BSA is charged a smaller fee if our customers pay with debit as opposed to credit. So have the PIN pad out / visible and make sure our customers are aware that we accept debit

(See "Postering Responsibilities" page for full info!)

  1. All posters destined for the Arch *must* receive the SAO approval stamp! 
  2. Make sure there are no "doubles" (i.e. two of the same poster) at the Arch
  3. Posters should only be hung up on the glass. This seems obvious, but I've seen many cases where the top of the poster is taped to the glass and the bottom is taped to the ground. Also, posters / tape should not cross the "frosted line" that separates the poster area from the surrounding glass. 
  4. Make sure you check for outdated / illegal posters and remove them.
  5. In line with the new policies discussed at training, the poster folders for the Arch and glass cases have been thrown away. The illegal ad folder is now located in the drawer behind the desk where the name tags are stored. 


  1. Every Tuesday and Friday, check the laundry room for dry cleaning that has not been picked up for more than a week.
  2. If there is anything, email the person informing them that dry cleaning left for more than two weeks will be returned to E&R.     

Here is a form email for reference/use:


You are receiving this email because you have dry cleaned items ready to be picked up in the laundry room in Faunce. Your items have been in the laundry room for more than a week, please pick them up as soon as possible. We'd like to remind you that clothes left for 2 weeks will be sent back to E&R until they are requested to be redelivered.

Thank you for your cooperation to help make the laundry service work as smoothly as possible.

Updated Task Sheet! Please read and be sure to complete your tasks during your shift.

Write any information that needs to be passed on to the next shift in the notebook. Make sure you check the notebook during your shift.

Vendor Table Procedure:

If vendors come to check in for a table they ordered during their shift:

          1. Check the Vendor Table Google Calendar that they have arrived at the correct time. If they have not paid yet, it will be indicated on the calendar and they should pay the indicated amount to you

          2. Bring vendor across to JWW where they can set up

Sales Procedure:

Fill out the Inventory Form and record Money Flows.