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Working on a project with a positive impact on the brown or providence community? 
BSA inspire is here to help!

BSA Inspire is a social impact competition granting funds to winning projects, programs or initiatives that have a clear benefit for the Brown or greater Providence community. This year, BSA Inspire will be awarding $3,200 in total monetary prizes to winning projects or programs from student individuals or groups. Qualifying projects, programs or initiatives include but are not limited to community education programs, arts advancement, awareness and action campaigns, and other services or products clearly benefiting students and/or community members.


Based on a similar program run by Northwestern Student Holdings called Impact Week, BSA Inspire is an annual social impact competition with the objective of giving back to Brown and the Providence community. All student individuals or groups with an existing or in-development project, program or initiative that positively impacts the Brown and/or Providence community are encouraged to apply. After an initial written application process, BSA will select five finalists from submitted projects or programs. The five finalists will have two weeks to prepare a 5-8 minute presentation to be delivered at the BSA Inspire Night. The presentations will be recorded and posted online and the Brown student body will be able vote for their favorite project or program online. While all five finalists will receive a monetary prize, the size of the prize will be determined by the results of the competition. Essentially, BSA aims to provide funds to deserving students on campus who are engaged in positive social initiatives while simultaneously educating the rest of campus about about these incredible projects and initiatives.

Applications closed, check back in 2020

Congratulations to our 2019 finalists:

1. Astronaut Training ($1000)

2. Brown Elementary Afterschool Mentoring ($700)

3. Leavetaking Peer Program ($500)

4. Southeast Asian Solidarity Youth Network ($300)

5. Geriatric Emergency Monitoring System ($200)


March 1st - Application opens
April 25th - Inspire Party
May 7th - Voting ends*

*Please note that these date are subject to change

Funds Distribution

Spring 2019 funds are distributed as follows:
First place prize: $1000
Second place prize: $700
Third place prize: $500
Fourth place prize: $300
Fifth place prize: $200

Please contact for any questions or comments. 

Project Guidelines:

Student Group Project Guidelines:

  • Applicants must be Brown students, either individuals or groups. Groups are not required to be SAO-recognized.

  • Each group/student must apply for funding with a specific project, program, or initiative which benefits the Brown and/or Providence community.

  • Creating and running the project must also benefit the students themselves by enhancing their grasp of leadership skills.

  • Qualifying projects might include but are not limited to: education programs, arts advancement, raising awareness of social issues, providing a service or product to students or community members, etc.

  • This is not for events funding. All applications must propose at least a short-term project, program or initiative.

  • Successful applicants will also demonstrate responsibility and leadership skills through past experience

  • Applicants must address future plans for their project

Funding Criteria:

  • Positive impact on Brown/Providence communities

  • Clarity of proposal: well thought-out, structured, coherent, functional, and demonstrate serious commitment to project

  • Evidence of previous experience with positions of responsibility in completed projects. If the student invidiviuals or group does not have prior experience, they must demonstrate a strong background or foundation for the projects or similar past endeavours.

  • Feasibility of project

  • Financial need of group

2018 Winners

  • 1st Place: Housing Opportunities for People Everywhere (HOPE)

  • 2nd Place: Generation Citizen

  • 3rd Place: The Bengal Tiger Project

  • 4th Place: SoBear

  • 5th Place: Student Organizers and Filmmakers Intiative (SOFI)

Other Past Recipients of BSA Inspire 

Brown Market Shares
Rhode Island Student Climate Coalition (RISCC) 
Interfaith Exchange
BRYTE Summer Camp
$ocial Classmates
Rhode Island Medical Advocacy Project (RIMAP) 
Design For America (DFA) 
Care Free Clinic
Brown Student Language Exchange (BSLE) 
“Cultivating Hope” Project
Outdoor Leadership Environmental Education Program (OLEEP) 
Brown for Financial Aid
Brown Human Rights Report
Winter Break Projects
Brown University Mediation Project (BUMP) 
Tink | knit
Brown Brain Bee
First Gen