Marketplace Product Request Form

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If you are interested in providing us with a full-size image and thumbnail for your product, please email them to The optimal sizes are 250 by 250 pixels and 80 by 80 pixels, respectively.

Please note that Marketplace may not be used to facilitate in-person sales through payment with debit/credit cards. Students are not permitted by Brown University to handle sensitive payment information, and thus should not be performing such tasks as inputting credit card information on Marketplace for potential customers. Please allow us at least ten days to process your request. Take into account that our business hours are 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday. If you submit your request after 5pm on Friday, it will not be looked at until Monday, which is the first day of processing. If your product has not been posted, contact to resolve the issue. All submissions are final, and edits can only be made to your product description by emailing

Note: if the product is a physical object, not the purchase of admission to an event, you will be required to notify us that the product is in the process of being shipped before payment is fulfilled and transferred to your student account.
500 character limit
Please make sure to include items such as dates, times, locations, sizes, colors, and a contact email for any questions.
If more than one, please specify conditions. Also note that BSA will keep a convenience fee.
If possible, please give your desired shipping methods (e.g. Campus Mail, digital delivery)
If so, please give us the dates you would like us to release and close sales. Please keep in mind that we will usually need a couple of days for processing before your product will become available.
Name, Brown ID, Department, etc.
We agree to not conduct any in-person sales using Marketplace *