Summer Storage 2014

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Packing Instructions

There are three easy steps to packing up your items:

  1. Make sure each and every single item has a label securely taped onto it.  We have printable labels for you available online in your account page, and will have extra labels at all stations on campus.
  2. Pack so we can stack! Your items will be neatly stacked in our facility, please make sure you keep this in mind when packing up. If you have fragile and delicate items please indicate that on the outside of your boxes. Please reference our storage pictures to get an idea of how your things will be organized
  3. When packing up remember it has to be moved, either by you or by us. Spread out the weight among your items and use manageable size packing containers/boxes. If you have a question, email us at

Do this not that!

Use any box or container you would like including, plastic totes, suitcases, duffle bags, space bags, under bed rolling containers, stackable plastic tubs, etc..

Label each and every item.

Any items that cannot fit in a standard packing container such as a refrigerator, lamp, mirror, bike, mop, artwork etc, please wrap up all cords, tape them securely and label the item. Rule of thumb, if it can’t fit into something you can store it as is.

Make sure items are not ridiculously heavy, which means if you can’t even pick it up, we probably can’t either.  We will charge $25 per occurrence at our discretion for students that ignore a manageable weight.

Do not store the following: perishable food/dry goods, liquids other then related to artwork, NO DETERGENTS, and items in plastic trash bags.

Defrost and clean your refrigerators, all iced over fridges and fridges we have to clean with food in them will be a $25 charge. Make sure you unplug and clean your fridge 24 hours in advance, as they take time to thaw out.