Postering Responsibilities


  1. All posters destined for the Arch *must* receive the SAO approval stamp! 
  2. Make sure there are no "doubles" (i.e. two of the same poster) at the Arch
  3. Posters should only be hung up on the glass. This seems obvious, but I've seen many cases where the top of the poster is taped to the glass and the bottom is taped to the ground. Also, posters / tape should not cross the "frosted line" that separates the poster area from the surrounding glass. 
  4. Make sure you check for outdated / illegal posters and remove them.
  5. In line with the new policies discussed at training, the poster folders for the Arch and glass cases have been thrown away. The illegal ad folder is now located in the drawer behind the desk where the name tags are stored. 

(Please check for new posters during every shift)

1. Posters destined for the Arch must be hung up during the shift they are received!

2. Only accept posters one week prior to the event being advertised. Check the event date on all posters before accepting them, and decline to accept a poster if the event is more than one week away. Advise the student to return one week before the event and we will happily put up the poster.

3. For a poster with multiple event dates, e.g. dates spanning a range of a month:

  • Write the date that the poster was hung up in the Arch in the top right corner of the poster. This way, we will know how long the poster has been up and can take it down if space needs to be made for a more urgent event.
  • Warn the student that their poster may be taken down after being in the Arch for more than one week.

4. If for some reason you are unable to put up a poster during your shift, do not file it away in the Arch folder. Add a sticky note to the poster explaining to the next CCIS worker that they will need to put up the poster during their shift.

5. Hanging up posters:

  • Posters should be taped at the corners (not along the edges)
  • All four corners must be taped
  • Posters destined for the Arch must receive the SAO approval stamp (located at the information desk)
  • Only tape provided by BSA should be used to hang up posters

6. Faunce Arch maintenance policies:

  • Posters should never be placed above the frosted line; they may only be hung in the designated poster area.
  • Posters are not allowed to cover the SAO's postering sign
  • Illegal posters should be removed immediately
  • Expired posters should be removed once the event date has passed