Summer Storage 2018

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Shipping Services

Please sign up early for storage! College Storage needs time to plan and organize their staffing. You do not need to know your exact dates, times, or options when you signup. Modifications and payments can be done later in your account page.

All summer packages will go up $25 on the 1st and 11th of May. Reserve early to guarantee the lowest rate!

College Storage provides shipping services throughout the year and ship 2 school services for those wanting to get a head start.

Shipping when you move out:

Cost of shipping a package when you move out is $10 per item + the cost of shipping. Average cost of shipping a box of 40-45 lbs is roughly $30-$50 depending on where it is going.

You will be able to select shipping on your signup form when registering for storage.

Any students wishing to ship international shipments, please call College Storage for directions/restrictions and pricing. Similarly, while you are packing, please make sure you create a detailed list of contents for the customs form. 

Your vouchers can be applied to this service!

Shipping Cost Calculators

USPS Shipping calculator (if shipping boxes of correct size)

UPS Shipping Calculator Odd/Oversized items and irregular shapes (suitcases, skies, duffle bags, bikes etc)

Ship 2 School

This is used by the incoming freshman or student that wants to stage their items before their arrival. We will accept your goods and hold them in storage for you until you arrive.

When you arrive you can make a reservation 72 hours in advance and we will drop-off your items to any station available on campus or meet you at your destination.

The cost for this service is $10 per item, which includes the delivery of your item.

Your vouchers can be applied to this service!