Management Team


Prae Leeswadtrakul '18 | Director of Business Development

From Bangkok, Thailand, Prae is a junior concentrating in International Relations, with a focus on China. As Director of Business Development, Prae helps develop already existing products, services, and ventures. Outside of BSA, she is the Vice President of Marketing for Brown Students in Real Estate, as well as the co-founder and Director of Marketing for Penta, a social venture. 

Michaela Gross '17 | Project Director

Mika is a senior double-concentrating in Business Economics and Architectural Studies from Newton, Massachusetts. As the Projects Director, Mika organizes a team that brings new initiatives onto campus that serve the Brown community. Outside of BSA, Mika is a member of the Brown Fencing Team and the founding president of Brown Students in Real Estate.

Kelsey Brown '18 | Director of Campus Services (on leave)

Kelsey is a junior Health and Human Biology concentrator from Roswell, GA. As Director of Campus Services she is responsible for organizing logistics and operations of services offered to students. Outside of BSA, Kelsey enjoys singing and baking.

Christy Le '17| Director of Campus Services

Christy is a senior concentrating in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She hails from the lovely Syracuse, NY. As Campus Center Manager/Director, she works to coordinate the services BSA offers to students and run the bartending course. Outside of BSA, Christy is the Director of Media for the Student Language Exchange program, an Event Photographer for the Brown Center for Students of Colour, and a very enthusiastic tour guide. In her free time, Christy enjoys yoga, running, cooking, painting watercolours, and film photography.

Dorothy Windham '20 | Marketing Manager & Graphic Designer 

Dorothy is a freshman from Providence. As a Marketing Manager and Graphic Designer, she works with the Business Development and Marketing team to strategize and create content for marketing campaigns. She also helps manage BSA’s online presence. In her free time, Dorothy contributes to the Brown Daily Herald, and will be taking on the role of Illustrations Editor in 2017. She enjoys nature and hiking, and has been involved with the Audubon Society of Rhode Island for several years.

Andrew Kutscher '18 | Project Manager

Andrew is a junior from New York City, concentrating in political science. As a Project Manager, he helps run existing projects like The Underground Coffee Shop and Student Marketplace, and looks for new initiatives to serve the Brown community. Outside of BSA, he sits on student government committees, is the Marketing Director for the Brown Political Review, and enjoys long-distance running.

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Kyra Perry '20 | Project Manager

Kyra is a freshman Computer Science concentrator from Dunwoody, GA. As a Project Manager for BSA she is responsible for bringing initiatives to the Brown campus that the student body will benefit from. Outside of BSA, Kyra enjoys running and hiking.


Aubrie Redwine '18 | Project Manager (on leave)

Aubrie is a junior from Toms River, New Jersey concentrating in Entrepreneurship and Technology Management with a focus on Information Technology. Aubrie works as a Project Manager and is responsible for seeking out initiatives that will serve the Brown community and enhance campus life. Outside of BSA, Aubrie leads campus tours for the Bruin Club, teaches an SAT Prep class at Hope High School and writes screenplays in her free time.


Heidi Anderson '18 | Campus Services Manager

Heidi is a junior from Barrington, Rhode Island potentially double concentrating in Economics and Education Studies. As a Campus Service Manager, she helps run the bartending program and other BSA affiliated services on campus with Grace Stokan. Outside of BSA, Heidi is a volunteer elementary school teacher for Brown Elementary Afterschool Mentoring, is a designer for the Brown Daily Herald, and an associate member of Brown's Women in Business.

Cindy Zeng '20 | Campus Services Manager

Cindy is a first-year from Toronto, Ontario, potentially concentrating in Applied Math-Economics. As a Campus Services manager, she helps run the logistics of the services provided by BSA, including laundry and bartending classes. Outside of BSA, she writes for the Brown Daily Herald, gives campus tours, and chills out in the Sci Li.


Jeffrey Hao '18 | Technology Project and Web Manager

Jeffrey is a junior from Ellicott City, Maryland, concentrating in Computer Science. As the Technology Project and Web Manager, he manages and create websites and applications such as the Spring Weekend ticketing application. He is also part of the Brown/RISD acapella group Harmonic Motion. Outside of school, his interests include making music, fitness, and playing Super Smash.

Elizabeth McClellan '18 | Campus Center Information Specialist Manager

Elizabeth is a junior from Hatfield, Massachusetts, concentrating in Literary Arts and Sociology.  As Campus Center Information Specialist (CCIS) Manager, she manages all CCIS staff members and works with the Campus Services Team to ensure that BSA-related operations at Brown's Information Desk run smoothly.  Outside of BSA, Elizabeth writes for two all-female comedy groups and plays club field hockey.

Campus Center Information Specialists

Marianne Aubin Le Quere, '17

Sabrina Chin, '17

Paola Cruz, '17

Brianna Naman, '17

Solina Powell, '18 (on leave)

Andrew Vann, '17

Sabrina Chin, '17

Paige Torres '20

Jenny Greener '20

Maxwell Kozlov '20


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