Summer Storage 2019

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Campus Locations

Please sign up early for storage! College Storage needs time to plan and organize their staffing. You do not need to know your exact dates, times, or options when you signup. Modifications and payments can be done later in your account page.

All summer packages will go up $25 on the 1st and 11th of May. Reserve early to guarantee the lowest rate!

College Storage will be setting up 5 main locations on campus at the following:

Brown and Benevolent, Charlesfield and Thayer, Hegeman Quad, Meeting St, Bowen St.

Please check the map below to find your suggested location for service.

We will also have a movable truck that will service all adjacent dorms and off campus apartments.

Main Station Schedules - Brown and Benevolent, Charlesfield and Thayer, Meeting St., Hegeman, Bowen St.

Schedule for May 15th: 

  • Brown and Benevolent: 12pm – 5pm

  • Charlesfield and Thayer: 12pm – 5pm

  • Meeting St Location: 12pm – 5pm

  • If you can’t find us, call us! 401-617-7808 (Andrew)

Schedule for May 16th - May 18th for all five locations (Brown & Benevolent, Charlesfield & Thayer, Meeting St., Hegeman, Bowen St.): 

  • May 16th: 10am - 5pm

  • May 17th: 9am - 7pm

  • May 18th: 7am - 3pm

Mini Station Schedules - Young Orchard, Machado/Brown St., Machado/Prospect St., Hope College, and Minden.

Schedule for May 17th: 

  • Young Orchard / Perkins: 10am-12pm; 5pm-7pm

  • Machado / Brown St: 10am-12pm; 2pm-4pm

  • Machado / Prospect St: 12pm-2pm; 4pm-6pm

  • Hope College: 8am-10am; 2pm-4pm

  • Minden: 10am-12pm; 4pm-6pm

Schedule for May 18th: 

  • Young Orchard / Perkins: 7am-12pm

  • Machado / Brown St: 7am-10am

  • Machado / Prospect St: 10am-12pm

  • Hope College: 7am-10am

  • Minden: 10am-12pm

Flexible Pickup Scheduling

College Storage is also available for scheduled pickups 7am - 9pm from April 24th - June 29th.

Main and Mini Stations Map

*Note: BB = Brown and Benevolent, CT = Charlesfield and Thayer