Summer Storage 2018

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Summer Storage Pricing

Please sign up early for storage! College Storage needs time to plan and organize their staffing. You do not need to know your exact dates, times, or options when you signup. Modifications and payments can be done later in your account page.

All summer packages will go up $25 on the 1st and 11th of May. Reserve early to guarantee the lowest rate!

Our Summer Storage options all include the following:

  1. Storage for your items From May – September 15th
  2. Free pickup and drop-off to any on campus station or off campus apartment.
  3. No taxes
  4. $300 of insurance on your order, ability to insure up to $600
  5. Ability to access, add to, or pickup your goods with a prior 72 hour notice.

Individual Items

$25/item - Basic dorm related items. Boxes, tubs, suitcases, mini-fridge, plastic drawers, bikes, shelf, etc.

$50/item – Large single items. Piece of furniture, mattress, futon, micro fridge, wardrobe box etc.

We will always charge the lesser amount, whether individual pricing, or if it’s less expensive to go with an option, you don’t have to worry.

Storage Options

Option 1: $149 8 basic dorm related items.

Click the picture on the left for an example.



Option 2: $249 5x5 Space NO ITEM LIMIT*, limited by space!  

Good for 1-2 students.

Click the picture on the left for an example.


Option 3: $399 5x10 Space NO ITEM LIMIT*, limited by space.

Good for 2-4 students.

Click the picture on the left for an example


Option 4: $399+ Off campus apartment with full size furniture. Any apartment with furniture must receive a free estimate. Please schedule an estimate for exact pricing.

*no item limit, we understand some students have less, some students have more. We want to take the hassle away from trying to count and be restricted by item limits. Please use our picture examples as a guide. If you have significantly more then what you signed up for when you bring us your items. Our staff will charge you accordingly.

Short/Long Term Options

Short term 30 days or less:

  • Option 1:  $99 8 Individual Items
  • Option 2:  $149 5x5 Space
  • Option 3:  $199 5x10 Space
  • Option 4:  $199+ off campus apartment (free estimate required)

Long Term monthly: (Jan-May or Sep-Dec)

  • Option 1:  $25 individual items
  • Option 2:  $40 8 Basic items 
  • Option 3:  $60 5x5
  • Option 4:  $80 5x10
  • Option 5:  $80+ off campus apartment (free estimate required)

Note: If you choose long term storage, you will be charged the summer rate until October 1st, and then the monthly charge for each month after.

Moving Help*

  • Individual items: $20

  • 8 Basic Items, 1st or 2nd floors or elevator: $40

  • 8 Basic Items, 3rd or 4th floors, stairs: $50

  • 5x5, 1st or 2nd floors or elevator: $50

  • 5x5, 3rd or 4th floor, stairs: $70

  • 5x10,1st or 2nd floors or elevator: $80

  • 5x10, 3rd or 4th floors, stairs:  $100

 *Moving help is a one way charge; you have the option to request it on both signup and delivery.

Questions? Email or contact College Storage directly at 401.626.4212 or

Packing Supplies

We will be around campus to answer questions and to sell supplies to students. Locations and times are as follows:

May 10th - 15th:
Brown and Benevolent: 10am - 12pm
Charlesfield and Thayer: 1pm - 3pm
Meeting St. (In front of Emery-Wooley): 4pm - 6pm
If you have trouble locating us, call/text us: 401-617-7808 (Andrew)

Supplies will also be available at these 3 Main Stations Starting May 16th

If you are leaving early or before sale dates please call/text 401-617-7808 (Andrew)

*Payments Accepted for Supplies: Cash, Check, CC or Voucher. If you want to use a CC minimum purchase is $10*

*Payments Accepted for Storage: Check, CC, Money Order or Voucher.