Bartending Courses

BSA offers professionally run bartending classes right on campus in The Underground, offering full TIPS certification that is valid nationwide! In addition, participants receive a book of recipes for drinks and advice. This course is offered in partnership with the Student Activities Office (SAO).

If you intend to work as an official on-campus SAO bartender in the future, you must file an I-9 form before course registration begins. Information about filing an I-9 can be found here. Students registered for the course are not required to bartend events*, but are highly encouraged to do so!

*Working at an SAO-registered event as an official bartender is a paid opportunity. However, note that RISD students may not bartend Brown University events.

Fall '17 Sessions:

Session 1: Sep 30-Oct 1
Session 2: Oct 21-22
Session 3: Nov 4-5
Session 4: Nov 11-12
Session 5: Dec 2-3

Spring '18 Sessions:

Session 1: Feb 10-11
Session 2: Mar 3-4
Session 3: Mar 10-11
Session 4: Mar 17-18
Session 5: April 7-8

Eligibility: This course is available to Brown and RISD students over the age 18.

Course Fee: $100

Each course consists of 14 students. Registration dates will be announced in Brown Morning Mail three weeks prior to the course. The first 14 respondents will have their place in class reserved so that they can use Brown Marketplace to purchase their seats in the course to complete the registration process. Those not placed in the course will be put on a waiting list.

Course Details:
Each course consists of two classes on Saturday and Sunday. Each full day class lasts from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Participants earn full TIPS certification, valid nationwide, upon completion of the course. Certified bartenders can be placed on a mailing list to officially bartend Brown University events (and get paid!). 

Registration begins here at 10:00am on the Saturday three weeks prior to each session.