Bartending Signup

Thank you for your interest in the bartending course. Please sign up on this page to reserve a spot in the course. The first fourteen respondents will receive a spot, and those after will be placed on the waiting list to be contacted if those who have received a spot do not complete registration and pay for the course. We plan to hold sessions as long as there is enough demand, so please also list if you would like to be notified when we schedule more session dates.


Fall '17 Sessions:

Session 1: Sep 30-Oct 1
Session 2: Oct 14-15
Session 3: Nov 4-5
Session 4: Nov 11-12
Session 5: Dec 2-3

Spring '18 Sessions:

Session 1: Feb 10-11
Session 2: Mar 3-4
Session 3: Mar 10-11
Session 4: Mar 17-18
Session 5: April 7-8

Please email with any questions.

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