Summer MicroFridge Rental


Whether you are enjoying a late night bag of microwave popcorn or a morning glass of orange juice, MicroFridges will allow you to safely and conveniently make it happen. We offer units with a freezer and fridge as well as combo units that also include an attached microwave.

  • True, zero-degree freezer for frozen items
  • 2-liter bottle storage on the door
  • Full-width wire shelves allow for plenty of storage
  • Easy to operate controls on microwave
  • Energy Star Rated

For any customer service questions, please call Microfridge at 1-800-637-7567.

To preorder a rental MicroFridge, go to

How to Order

Microfridge & BSA representatives will be available near the registration area on registration day to take orders. Fridges will be delivered by our staff to your student's dorms.

Online reservations are also available. Please click the "Order Now!" button to the right and select "Brown Summer Program" from the "Select your school" drop down menu.

MF-3 Fridge & Microwave combo unit costs $80
MFR-3 Fridge only unit costs $60

Costs are for the renting of the unit for the entire summer regardless of the length of your stay.

Microfridge staff will pick up your refrigerator for you on the Friday prior to your departure. Please ensure the fridge has been cleaned out by then.