BSA Spark  A venture competition

Dreaming about a new service or product for students on campus? 

BSA Spark is a new venture competition in which Brown students can pitch ideas for our company’s next business pursuit. Currently, BSA services include a laundry service, care package sales, a bartending course, and more, but we are always looking for new and better ways to enrich our campus community! The student(s) that come up with the best new project win a monetary prize and a job offer at BSA to carry out their idea.

How to Apply

Click on the button below to apply for Spark! Submissions should be entered before February 28th


Questions or Concerns?

Send us an email at!

Let your vision run wild! We want the most creative, innovative ideas from you! As general guidelines, we are looking for clear, thorough ideas with these points in mind:

  • Fills void in Brown University community
  • Quality and level of detail in proposal

  • Effective business model

  • Existence of outside vendors, if necessary

  • Fixed costs and potential financial gains

  • Size of target audience

From the Vault: The 2014-2015 winning application* from the Souk team

*Please note that the format of the 2017-2018 Spark application is different from that shown above.